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Put the FUN back in FUNdraising!

Park Lane recognizes and promotes the importance of giving back! Let Park Lane help touch the lives of others through our Fundraiser program.

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FundraiserFor effective fundraising, it is important to have a product that has mass appeal. Jewelry has a universal application and it is easy and fun to sell! Everyone loves jewelry!

Park Lane’s new Fundraiser collection offers jewelry that is attractive and well-priced to please every type of shopper. Organizations that have done fundraisers in the past have typically used the same products, from year to year. Using jewelry as a fundraiser product will bring a new look and an excitement to any organization.


Women’s sororities, women’s branches of Kiwanis, Lions, and Elks Club, also sports leagues, cheerleading teams, band mothers, PTA, and women’s and teen girls church groups..


These are various styles that will ensure a successful fundraiser. Select your style depending on the size of the organization and your goals.  Determining the amount of money your organization wants to generate at a particular time is a good way to begin the Fundraiser. How much money does your group want to raise? Is it $500, $1000? Or is it $5000, or more? Having a specific goal that you want to generate will give you a starting place.

  • Option 1 – Order taking – Members can show the Fundraising brochure to friends, family and neighbors to take orders. Set a number or goal for the number of orders each member should accumulate and by what date.  Needs an EIN.
  • Option 2 – Members have a jewelry show – Organize members as hostesses who have their own show, in their own home or as team shows. Each of these separate shows is part of the larger fundraising picture for the organization. The bookings from these shows can also be fundraising shows or can be personal shows for the director.  Does not need an EIN.
  • Option 3 – Have a BIG fashion show – a dazzling event! The models can be selected to model from the organization members. The audience of attending members and their guests place orders.  Does not need an EIN


Let’s set up an appointment to determine the needs of your organization and the financial goal.