I Believe We Can Be EXTRAORDINARY Together Rather Than Ordinary Apart



Why Direct Sales:

It gives you the ability to make extra income around your current lifestyle.  You can make your own hours, do it as little or as much as you want.  The extra money can go to pay off a debt, a special vacation, a new water heater or investments to make a stronger future for yourself and your family.  Direct Sales is the answer for bringing in extra income.

Why jewelry:

Jewelry is one of the top three gift giving ideas in the world along with candy and flowers. Jewelry is the only one that withstands the test of time.  Jewelry has been around for centuries and will be around for many more to come.  Jewelry is pretty in real life, but prettiest on a body. Tough to do online.

Why Park Lane:

Park Lane has been in business 62 years. It is cash rich, debt free, and has the highest paid Fashion Directors in the industry with the lowest available program for startup.  We can get you started for as little as $39 out of pocket, set you up with a kit worth $1000 and get you a paycheck on your very first show.


    v No Risk

v No Inventory Investment

v No Stocking of Product

v No Packing or Delivering

v No Sorting or Collecting



Get Started Now

If you are thinking about it, just do it.  There is no “perfect” time to start.